How to Visit


There will be a fixed hourly cover fee to enter Tinker’s Cat Lounge. This fee helps support the kitties care and food.

Café Goodies?

Coffee, teas, and yummy local sweets will be available for purchase in Tinker’s Café area.

Online Reservations?

Our priority is to create a stress free enjoyable space for the cats and visitors. In order to keep stress levels down for the kitties we will allow a certain amount of guests to visit in hourly slots. To assure you get your kitty fix you can schedule your time through our online reservation system (not available yet). Reservations are in 1 hour time slots. We will save a few time slots for our walk in guests too.

An Hour?! I want more Kitty time!

We understand if this happens to you. If your reservation or hour slot has expired and Tinker’s isn’t fully booked, you are welcome to add on more time to relax with the kitties. 30 min or hour increments can be purchased after your reservation is up.

Arrival Etiquette

We will give walk in guests your time slot if you are 15 min late to your reservation (without giving us prior warning). Please allow 24 hour cancellation notice for your full refund.

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