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We know you have questions and hope this page helps. If you are left with motinkersweb3re questions or a comment please contact us with the form below.

When do you open?

Tinker’s Cat Cafe will open early 2017.

How much is the cover fee?

There will be an $8 per hour cat lounge fee.

Where in Salt Lake City will Tinker’s Cat Café be located?

Tinker’s has found our location! It will be at 302 E 900 S!

Can I adopt a cat or kitten from Tinker’s Cat Café?

Yes! Please do! You can begin the adoption process application at our store. Our animal shelter partners will have to complete the process before you can take your new furry friend home to love.

What about the cats well being?

The animal shelter will select the best cat candidates for Tinker’s Cat Lounge environment. Their health will be checked before coming to Tinker’s. At Tinker’s Cat Café we provide a safe, and loving environment. Our main concern is the cats well being and to find a furrever home for them. There will be an area for “cats only” when a cat needs alone time from humans. Cat Cafe’s have made a tremendous increase in finding kitties there new loving homes all over the world.

Can I bring in my cat?

No. Pretty simple. If you have a cat at home please keep them there until you get back home.

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